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Duct Inspection At Bolton Hospital

Objective: To improve the electronic transmission capacity throughout the hospital

ADS Project: We surveyed the access duct to determine if it is safe for engineers to use for access beneath the flooring. The duct must be safe and accessible at all times.


ADS inspected the duct and quickly discovered that it was unsafe to send engineers into the duct to work. The duct was approximately 2.5 m under the ground and had 60 mm of water flowing through it. Evidence of corrosion was visible on both pipes, the steam pipe, and the condensate pipe. The steam pipe was in poor condition, although ridged and in position. The condensate pipe was in slightly better condition although, the brackets have failed throughout its length causing the pipe to sag throughout the duct. The electrical side of the duct had a stabilising tray fixed to the wall throughout its length however, corrosion has caused the majority of the tray to collapse. This posed a further safety threat. The duct was extremely wet and hot. This had contributed to the deterioration of the pipes and tray. In addition to these problems the duct was lined with asbestos. Consequently, ADS deemed the duct was unsafe to access meaning that the installation of data cabling to improve electronic transmission was not currently possible.

ADS inspected the duct and created four stage plan.

  1. ADS Environmental to safely remove all asbestos from the duct.
  2. ADS Mechanical to upgrade the pipe fixtures, fittings and lagging to ensure the duct was safe to work on both now and in the future. The new materials used would be conducive to the extremely hot and wet environment.
  3. ADS Electrical to raise the cables higher using hydraulic lifting plant and fit a new tray underneath the pipes. The new tray would be able to withstand the heat and wet conditions.
  4. 4 ADS Electrical to install new data cables that would improve the electronic transmission capacity throughout the hospital.

ADS Environmental operatives, who are fully qualified asbestos removal operative would firstly remove asbestos. ADS Mechanical & Electrical could then access the duct safely to upgrade the pipes and fittings. At the same time ADS Electrical could temporarily support the tray whilst the works are being carried out. The four-stage plan would run smoothly due to the coordination of all the necessary skills being available at the correct times and the collaboration between them would ensure that the planning, coordination, and control would ensure the greatest efficiency and price for the client. All materials used would be able to withstand the hot, wet environment.

Bolton Hospital Trust